Mutiliana is a collection of wines from the area around Modigliana. This small hill town, founded by the Romans, is situated in the province of Forlì-Cesena, in Emilia-Romagna. Here, in the Appenines Mountains that straddle Romagna and northern Tuscany, the clay soils that are prevalent close to the valley give way to poor, looser soils of marl and sandstone.
Mutiliana produces three different wines of pure Sangiovese, one from each of the three valleys that lead to higher ground from the town’s central piazza: Ibola, Tramazzo and Acerreta. In this area Sangiovese has a unique and elegant style – decisive, salty and austere – that underpins the slight variations that each of the valleys can bring to the grapes. Mutiliana is an expression in wine of these subtly different terroirs.
The wines are produced by following the most classical of artisan methods: spontaneous fermentation using only wild yeasts, long macerations and a respect for the wines’ natural evolution. They’re aged in concrete vats so as not to influence or interfere with each wine’s diverse geographical characteristics.
Giorgio Melandri, who launched Mutiliana, is an expert wine critic and writer with a deep understanding of Emilia-Romagna’s wines. Thanks to this intimate knowledge of Romagna, he was the first person to focus on the potential of Modigliana’s terroirs. To create these wines, he personally selects the area’s best vineyards and grapes. The vineyards and their wines are overseen by agronomist and winemaker, Francesco Bordini, who is also from Romagna.